Boosting single vendor temperature sensor choice

Microchip Technology has launched the MCP998x family of 10 automotive-qualified remote temperature sensors. The company states the family is one of the largest portfolios of automotive- grade multi-channel temperature sensors. Designed for 1°C accuracy at a wide operational temperature range, the family includes five sensors with shutdown temperature setpoints designed not to be overwritten by software or maliciously disabled.

Microchip’s VP of mixed-signal and linear unit, Fanie Duvenhage, said: “This new family of remote temperature sensors is expanding customer choice in a product category that, historically, has offered limited options.

“With 10 devices to choose from, each offering better accuracy in very high temperature applications and five with shutdown safety features, the MCP998x family gives customers a broad range of automotive multi-channel temperature sensors to choose from.”

With up to five channels of monitoring and several alert and shutdown options for security, this product family can support systems that supervise more than one thermal element.