Galco Product Line Expansion Fuels Momentum

Strategic investment initiatives spell growth and demand for Galco.

 Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc., a global distributor of industrial electronics and automation components, celebrated another year of growth focusing on company-wide initiatives. 

“Galco experienced massive growth in 2023 while combatting continuous supply chain issues and delays,” said Allison Sabia, president and CEO of Galco. “Our aggressive product line expansion provided solutions by adding over 8,000 SKUs to our extensive catalog providing a broader selection of products and getting them to our customers more efficiently.” 

Initiatives in product expansion led to investments in new manufacturers. Galco partnered with 14 manufacturers including Balluff, Antaira Technologies, Saginaw Control & Engineering, Sprecher + Schuh, and DINKLE. 

Galco also invested heavily in a product information management system, enterprise resource planning system, eCommerce, and digital merchandising as part of its initiative to offer best-in-class customer and manufacturer experiences. 

With a strong, talent-focused acquisition strategy, Galco added a new Operations Department and grew to 33 total sales and technical support to provide even more support to our expanding customer base. 

Early in 2023, Galco acquired Zesco, a regional automation solutions provider located in Brecksville, OH. Zesco specializes in the drives, motion control, and automation industry offering 16 product lines in 50 categories. This acquisition not only expands Galco’s already impressive catalog of manufacturers but also further increases Galco’s drives market share. 

Climbing two spots from last year, Galco was also named a top 20 distributor in Electronics Sourcing’s top 50 Americas authorized distributors. President and CEO, Allison Sabia, was named a recipient of the 2023 Women in Supply Chain Award, and she authored the featured cover story for The Representor at the Electronics Representative Association’s 2023 conference. 

“Our investments in our company and strategies for partnering with manufacturers have fueled growth,” said Sabia. “With the move to nearshoring and reshoring, the push for IIoT data-led manufacturing, and the backlog of inventory, our initiatives helped us navigate these challenges that continue to put us in demand, and we’re excited for what the next year holds.”