One-stop sourcing shop

SeSemi Electronics’ procurement specialist, Aimee Cadle

SeSemi Electronics’ procurement specialist, Aimee Cadle, introduces kitting as the one box solution to sourcing, providing a simple, smooth process from quote to production.

Kitting has evolved over time, with customer input shaping the nature of service. No two customer requirements are identical, so flexibility is arguably the single most important factor.

There is no denying manufacturers are busy planning, buying and resolving, with the process of purchasing electronic components often becoming time consuming due to processing multiple quotes, purchase orders, receipts, invoices and payments.

The immediate benefits of component kitting reduce obvious time-consuming activities in the supply chain processes. In addition are the measurable benefits of receiving a bespoke production ready box of materials which reduces the time to load components at production stages, reduces wastage and reduces the commercial/logistic pain incurred by shortages.

Kitting reduces the time spent searching for individual components, as all necessary items are grouped together and supplied ready for the production floor. This helps in streamlining the assembly or production process.

Lead times and product availability can become vulnerable at any stage of a product’s lifecycle. Utilising the knowledge, expertise
and global reach of a kitting house helps manufacturers stay ahead of continuous market changes, while supporting them through product availability issues. This means SeSemi’s network is the manufacturer’s asset, providing access to a diverse range of products and manufacturers without affecting vendor reduction plans.

Kitting with SeSemi also extends to controlling and monitoring bills-of- materials, utilising the BoM management service as part of the kitting package. Bill- of-materials management is a critical aspect of manufacturing, product development and product sustainability. BoMs need to be well managed throughout a product lifecycle to elevate production delays, and SeSemi’s service ensures customers are always ahead of the game in this ever-changing market. As well as keeping on top of potential issues, the company is on hand with options to support issues during this process, from last-time-buys to alternative solutions and on-site long-term storage.

From prototype to full production quantities, SeSemi can take control of a bill-of-materials, supplying custom labelled production ready kits of components to customers around the globe. The company can support long term schedules and hold buffer stock in its ESD, temperature and humidity- controlled warehouse.