Bridging the gap between engineering and procurement

Altium has launched a BoM Portal within the Altium 365 platform, engineered to enhance collaboration between engineering and procurement teams and offering a unified approach to managing BoMs in electronics design.

Procurement professionals now have visibility into upcoming designs before they are released, letting them catch issues early.
Both procurement and engineering teams benefit from a comprehensive dashboard that monitors all BoMs in production and provides immediate insights into parts supply issues.

The Portal fosters efficient collaboration and informed decision-making across the product lifecycle. By integrating with data sources like Octopart, SiliconExpert and S&P Global, it provides companies with real-time, accurate component data.

Altium’s GM and SVP of Cloud Platform, Ananth Avva, said: “The Portal creates a digital BoM that intelligently enables procurement, manufacturing and engineering professionals to collaborate effectively. Our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the electronics design process is evident in this launch, aiming to enhance efficiency, mitigate
risks and ensure a cohesive workflow.”