Bringing 1,000 manufacturing jobs to the US


Orbic Electronics Manufacturing has launched Project Patriot, designed to revitalize and return high-caliber manufacturing of connected devices to the United States. The organization also announced plans to move its manufacturing operation from China to the United States, specifically New York’s Suffolk County. The strategy was driven to create ‘Made in America’ products that focus on bringing over 1,000 new, skilled jobs back to the US.

Verizon’s VP of device and product marketing, Chris Emmons, said: “Orbic’s Project Patriot and Made in America initiatives mark significant strides in restoring the productionof high-quality connected devices to the United States. We applaud Orbic for its efforts in boosting local manufacturing and supporting the American workforce and can’t wait to see the innovations in mobile technology these investments produce.”

Orbic Electronics’ president and CEO, Mike Narula, added: “Having our products read ‘Made in America’ is a tremendous point of pride for us, and it will also allow our company to bolster the local economy, helping other vendors in Suffolk County succeed alongside us.”