Panel PCs benefit from Android 13 integration

Fortec Integrated is collaborating with Android specialist emteria to offer x86 panel PCs featuring Android 13. This integration combines the computing power of the x86architecture with the benefits of Android 13, including regular updates, customization and remote management capabilities.

The contemporary Android version provides extensive design options, letting users tailor the user interface, boot animations and colour schemes to their brand specifications. CI/CD pipelines facilitate automatic OS updates and the distribution of system and app changes through over-the-air (OTA) updates.

The Android operating system further enhances the POS-IQ-PRO panel PC experience with features such as kiosk mode for authorisation management, easy remote access through Mobile Device Management (MDM), streamlined app management and screen mirroring for real- time monitoring of remote device screens. Extended long-term support and regular security updates contribute to ongoing safety and reliability of Android devices.

POS-IQ-PRO panel PC monitors, equipped with Intel Pentium N4200 processors, are specifically designed for applications in machine controls, HMIs and medical technology.