Polymer tantalum chip capacitor portfolio extended

Rutronik has extended its capacitor portfolio with the vPolyTan T51 series polymer-tantalum chip capacitors, ideal for automotive applications. The AEC-Q200 qualified components are designed to offer extremely low ESR, lower voltage derating and safe failure mode, combined with higher volumetric efficiency than comparable conventional tantalum capacitors.

Due to ripple current capability up to 2.37A, the capacitors suit decoupling, smoothing and filtering in switching power supplies and point-of-load (POL) power supplies for ADAS, infotainment and other electronic systems in automobiles and other vehicles.

Available in compact package sizes D (EIA 7343-31) and V (EIA 7343-20), the components offer a capacitance range from 2.2μF to 330μF at nominal voltages from 2.5V to 35V and a capacitance tolerance of ±20 per cent. Equipped with a highly conductive polymer cathode system, they are characterized byextremely low equivalent series resistances (ESR) in the range 40 to 120mΩ at 25°C.

The design allows reliable performance at temperatures up to 125°C (voltage derating above 105°C) and continuous load operation of up to 2,000h at a maximum of 125°C.