Underpinning renewable energy rollout


TTI Europe’s Director Industry Marketing, Industrial EMEA, Markus Lorenz

TTI Europe’s Director Industry Marketing, Industrial EMEA, Markus Lorenz, explains how the company is supporting the move to renewables with novel components and specialist advice.

Europe’s energy generation needs to come from 45 per cent renewable sources by 2030. To meet these targets, the EU expects to need 187GW of energy storage capacity over the same period. This trend is making the once diverse worlds of photovoltaics, energy storage and e-mobility increasingly intertwined. Effective, adaptable and modular components are increasingly common in these settings.

Beside energy generation, storage is a crucial element. The German BESS market has grown by 150 per cent to nearly 1.2 Mio installed systems. TTI Europe supports this growth by providing component inventory for these technologies. With transition to carbon neutral energy, demand for green energy and storage capacity are key areas for this decade.

The landscape is changing dramatically. In the traditional model, end users directly use energy distributed in a larger grid. However, more households are producing their own energy, mainly via solar panels. Due to rising energy costs, storing energy in a battery and using it at night is increasingly common. Energy storage enables stable pricing by proactively managing consumer demand.

In November 2023, the year-to-date volume of electrical vehicles reached nearly 1.4 million units, representing 14.2 per cent share of the EU market. The complexity of decarbonizing transport is high, also due to multiple complementary technologies.

Fast charger numbers grew to over 70,000 by end 2022 and up to 2030 a total of 2.9 million public charging stations, with an investment of 1.8 billion €, are estimated for Europe. While most charging demand is currently met by AC home charging, publicly accessible DC chargers are increasingly required to provide the same level of convenience and accessibility as refuelling conventional vehicles.

TTI Europe is a design partner for power distribution units and fast charging devices to learn more about the latest high-voltage (HV) connection systems. Publicly accessible DC fast chargers, especially those along motorways, enable longer journeys and can address range anxiety. However, this places challenges on the grid to provide the required energy. Solutions include larger stationary batteries storage units or hydrogen.

Manufacturers of charging stations, wall boxes and small vehicles will be interested in the newest AC or DC outlets and charge cables, while engineers working on HV power inverters need more information on the latest technologies. TTI Europe supports this work with their technical TDM experts.

Energy storage innovations will impact on how quickly renewable energy sources and electric vehicles are adopted. TTI Europe is ready to help advance the future of renewable energy infrastructure and e-mobility. As a trusted electronic component distributor for over 40 years, the company offers the industry’s broadest inventory of interconnect, passive, high-voltage, sensor and electromechanical products, plus specialists who know all about it.