Opportunities for more ‘Made in Britain’

Contract manufacturer, UK Circuits, is predicting another year of increased opportunities for fellow British-based electronics producers. Recent supply chain issues and rising global costs have seen a significant return of electronics manufacturing to the UK, as British and European companies seek to avoid the challenges of Asian manufacturing.

UK Circuits’ MD, Marc Ellis, said: “The repatriation of electronics manufacturing to the UK has been a common theme since the pandemic, Brexit and subsequent global events. But it’s not just supply chain security that’s making businesses choose ‘Made in Britain’.

“We believe our partners are realising they can not only get great value in the UK but great flexibility and the knowledge and support they need to make their products even better too.

“The Asian electronics market is mature and here to stay. However, with short lead times and greater flexibility, it’s the added expertise and quality control which is convincing brands and consumers to choose British-made electronics.”