New fast switching MOSFETS

Central Semiconductor announces the introduction of several new 650V Super Junction N-Channel MOSFETs designed for high-voltage, fast-switching applications. The latest additions, available in TO-220FP packaging, include: CDMSJ2204.7-650 (4.7A), CDMSJ2207.3-650 (7.3A), CDMSJ22010-650 (10A), CDMSJ22013.8-650 (13.8A) and CDMSJ22029-650 (29A).

The company states the devices feature a unique die structure, which supports high- voltage with comparatively low on-resistance and fast switching speeds. The low switching losses, innately high reliability die design and increased power output suit them to applications including electric vehicle/solar inverters, power factor correction and switch mode power supplies.

Central Semiconductor’s director of marketing and sales operations, Tom Donofrio, said: “These new Super Junction MOSFETs extend the efficiency for applications requiring fast switching speeds to maximize the performance of a wide variety of end applications. These pair well with Central’s new HyperFast rectifiers for PFC applications.”

These devices are available in sleeves of 50 with pricing starting at $1.25 each for 100 pieces.