Radiopaque medical wire easier to see

Anomet Products has introduced new radiopaque wire for medical guidewire assemblies that is biocompatible and superior to wires using marker bands because of their visibilityunder fluoroscopy.

Radiopaque medical wire can be produced from stainless steel or Nitinol cores with the intensity of radiopacity controlled to optimize visibility under x-ray fluoroscopy. Featuring gold, platinum, tantalum and similar alloys metallurgically bonded to the core with two per cent or more cladding thickness, the wire is easier to see when used in guidewire assemblies than solid wire with marker bands.

Allowing product designers to select the radiopaque alloy best suited for their application, radiopaque medical wire is biocompatible and kink-resistant. Two or three preciousmetals and core materials can be selected to achieve a wide range of desired properties and sizes from 0.002 to 0.125in OD which can meet precise OEM specifications.

Samples are available.