Thinking differently about electronics manufacturing

Nano Electronics Services’ director, Steve Drew, explains how the company is disrupting the market and changing the way customers think about PCB assembly.

Nano Electronics Services’ director, Steve Drew

Nano Electronic Services is breaking the mould on PCB assembly. As a manufacturing agency, Nano sits between the customer and supply chain and manages the process. The model is analogous to a travel agent. If people want to go on holiday, they can choose an area, research hotels, find deals, make bookings, negotiate rates and organise flights, insurances, car parking and more. Alternatively, they could ask they local travel agent to handle everything.

Nano has looked at the market, identified key suppliers and negotiated preferential terms with the supply network. By matching projects to factories there is no compromise. Prototypes and low volume assembly are placed with factories setup for this, while production is placed with factories suitable for higher volume. Offering a single NRE per project means customers only pay one set of tooling charges. Should the build move from one factory to another, no extra charges are incurred.

This means Nano can offer a wider choice of suppliers and bottlenecks and delays are reduced by having two or three factories capable of producing the same board. Obviously, if factory A has built boards and always can, then factory A does. Builds are not moved for the sake of it.

Each factory has a proven assembly track record and receives regular audits so Nano can ensure quality and reliability. Adding new suppliers as required is easy. For the customer nothing changes as they are still working with Nano so the accounts team don’t get upset with new suppliers being added. A single point of contact to multiple factories with Nano accepting the challenge of managing the process.