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Purchasing professionals are invited to immerse themselves in the multifaceted world of embedded systems and meet the who’s who of the industry.

From 9 to 11 April 2024, it’s ‘see and be seen’ at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre for the embedded systems industry’s largest gathering. In 2023, around 950 exhibitors and more than 26,500 visitors from Germany and abroad came together to meet experts, key players and industry associations and experience the latest technologies first hand on 51,000m² of exhibition space.

With its comprehensive conference and supporting program, Embedded World bundles know-how at the highest level. Look forward to the Conference, Electronic Displays Conference, Student Day, embedded award and more.

Hardware: Increasing softwareisation does not change the fact that hardware platforms are the basis for every embedded system. More specialised processors, such as embedded GPUs and AI accelerators, complement microcontrollers and programmable devices (FPGAs) in computing performance.

Transceivers for wired and wireless communication, as circuits (stand-alone devices) or integrated in the microcontrollers, determine the range in the communication area. Peripheral ICs for connecting sensors and actuators complete the portfolio.

Systems: In an increasingly complex world, pre-developed system components comprising hardware and software are essential building blocks for reliable overall solutions. These include industrial PCs, embedded computer modules and communication modules.

Distribution: The value chain of embedded systems is complex, with distributors playing an important role. They offer cross-manufacturer portfolios and logistics support, plus consulting, combination products and value-added services. Distributors are a valuable support in system development, offering complete line cards and different product portfolios. In this context, hardware, related software products and tools play an important role.

Services: Service offerings are important at all levels of the embedded value chain. They range from consulting and development to operator models, such as industrial internet service providers or embedded cloud providers. Mergers of smaller providers and freelancers enable global reach.