Home of coax innovation

Cambridge Electronic Industries explains how its focus on innovation has led to the introduction of world beating products and technologies, all from its UK base.

Cambridge Electronic Industries has been designing coaxial connectors in the UK for 40 years. The company is known in the broadcast and machine vision sectors for its flexible service and low-cost product designs. The company pushes the boundaries of coaxial design, leading to world firsts.

An early first was the Pathfinder range, capable of shining light through a coaxial connector. This technology has been used by major broadcast manufacturers to provide an indication light of operating and open ports, aiding users in dark studio or outdoor broadcast vehicle environments.

Stacking system connectors offer a bank of coaxial interface option, arranged in a single connection block. This lets engineers maximise designs with the minimum profile between interfaces.

The first pick, place and reflow coaxial connectors were designed to allow contract manufacturers to automate the manufacturing process, speeding up placement and soldering time, while increasing quality and reliability.

As part of its core range, the company offers BNC and Micro BNC coaxial connectors which work at 12G-SDi and CXP-12. All 12GHz connectors work at 6GHz and 3GHz and offer improved electrical performance when compared to a connector designed specifically for the lower frequencies. DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors have a maximum frequency of 6G-SDi and CXP-6, while also working at 3GHz.

Regarding cost, full 12GHz or 6GHz connectors are offered at a lower cost than 3GHz, making this a cost-effective option for customers, while providing superior electrical performance and future proofing designs.