Design concept to turnkey production

Michael Kennedy, President of XTG Components and SVP of Business Development at TTI, Inc., details how a unified network is the key to exceeding customer expectations.

Q: What is it about Exponential Technology Group (XTG) that makes it an attractive supply chain partner for electronics purchasing professionals?

A: Along with TTI, Mouser Electronics and Sager Electronics, XTG is part of the TTI Family of Specialists, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. This provides a robust foundation, capital access to fuel expansion and a fortified network. XTG comprises the following brands: Braemac, Changnam, RFMW, Symmetry Electronics and XTG Electronic Services.

Braemac is an Australian-based global value-added engineering design services business with distribution, specializing in supplying semiconductors, electronic components, interface products, systems and more.

Changnam is an engineering-focused distributor supporting customers in South Korea. Its specialized line card, coupled with expertise in transportation and consumer applications, sets it apart.

RFMW is a global specialty electronics distribution company focused on supporting customers seeking radio frequency, microwave and power management technologies.

Symmetry Electronics is a North American-based semiconductor distributor with a targeted line card that assists customers with IoT and wireless application solutions.

XTG Electronic Services (XTG ES) is an engineering design and solutions provider with expertise in transportation, IoT and medical applications.

Regarding acquisitions, XTG identifies companies with strong teams, differentiated strategies, and profitable operations. Acquired companies are supported with centralized and streamlined back-office functions, including finance, IT and HR. This lets businesses concentrate on delivering the best value proposition.

Q: What are the advantages of being a group and how does this benefit buyers?

A: The biggest advantage lies in collaboration, offering customers and suppliers comprehensive solutions without compromising the value of specialization. As part of the same company, teams can seamlessly engage with their counterparts to assist customers in problem-solving.

The TTI Family of Specialists possesses expertise in various domains, including IP&E, semiconductors, power and battery management, SoC, SoM, engineering services and supply chain.

Q: Are there plans to further expand the group?

A: XTG has primarily expanded through acquisitions, starting in 2017. This was followed by nine further acquisitions over the past six years. XTG is always looking to identify companies that can facilitate geographic expansion, elevate product/service offerings and/or enable entry into new vertical markets. Being part of TTI provides the capital resources to leverage acquisitions as a growth strategy in addition to organic growth initiatives.

Q: How can buyers leverage value from XTG’s technical services and e-commerce experience?

A: XTG’s strategic approach revolves around providing value-added solutions and aspiring to work with customers from initial design concept to fully managed turnkey production. The distinctive capabilities within the TTI family are unique in the industry, providing strengths to deliver best in class solutions to customers.