Instrument enclosures now with sloping front

OKW’s Motec desktop/portable electronic instrument enclosures are now available with a sloping front for more ergonomic viewing and operation. Applications include measurement/control, peripheral devices/ interfaces, switchboxes, modems, laboratory equipment, medical and wellness electronics.

The sloping plastic control panel is recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad. The alternative is a flat aluminum front/rear panel.

Robust clip-together assembly saves time when fitting the electronics. For security, a screwdriver is required to open the housings. Inside are screw pillars for PCBs and guide grooves for PCBs or vertical partitions. The enclosures

are supplied with four self-adhesive non-slip feet.

These off-white (RAL 9002) ABS (UL 94 HB) housings are available in three plan sizes (S, M, L) and a choice of height configurations, creating a range of nine sizes from 6.10 by 4.13 by 1.57 to 9.25 by 6.50 by 4.33in.