Mesh network module distribution agreement signed

NeoCortec, a manufacturer of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network modules, has recently extended its distribution network by signing a new global agreement with DigiKey.

DigiKey senior product manager, Pat Sagsveen, said: “NeoCortec’s unique and very interesting NeoMesh product portfolio is filling a gap in our linecard and we are looking forward to promoting their great products with our customers in the years to come.”

NeoCortec’s business development manager, Cato Skibsted Fagermo, added: “DigiKey is a perfect new distribution partner for us, as in addition to having the world’s largest selection of in-stock electronic components they offer a broad range of digital solutions and tools to design engineers.”

NeoCortec’s NeoMesh wireless network modules are based on a decentralized mesh of self-governing nodes not dependent on a network coordinator. A virtually limitless number of nodes can be added to an existing network. This means even the largest buildings can be covered with only one network and without any additional infrastructure.