Mitigating defence industry supply chain challenges

Ensuring supply capability in the defence sector currently requires challenging measures, especially in times of geopolitical uncertainties, diplomatic tensions and increased demand. At ODU, this means a strategic focus on minimising risk and ensuring delivery capability.

Around 80 per cent of manufacturing steps along the production and development process take place in-house. This vertical integration is particularly important for make-or-buy processes in the context of risk mitigation.

ODU implements redundant supply chains and production processes in its own facilities in Germany, Romania and Mexico. Cooperation models are also developed with external partner companies and duplicated production of certain systems is ensured. This fulfils multi-sourcing requirements.

ODU supports customers in the planning and integration of connection solutions into their systems at an early stage to procure critical components and provide initial product demands within agreed lead-times. Risk-minimized supply chains, especially
for critical components, ensure success.