New Online Store Provides Discounted Surplus PCB Cooling Hardware

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is now making surplus hardware inventory available to order at discount prices at its online Shop. These hardware parts include heat sinks, springs, dowel pins, rubber feet, springs, screws, PEMs, standoffs, and other parts commonly used for cooling hot components on PCBs.

eShop surplus parts are available in hundreds to low thousands of pieces with no minimum order requirements. Parts ship on the same or next business day from the ATS facilities in Norwood, MA.

The eShop store displays each surplus part, the amount of stock available, and its various specifications for matching it with an application need.

When a part type and the required volume match an application need, a significant pricing discount can be achieved versus ordering from other sources.

The eShop inventory of hardware for PCB component cooling is found on the ‘How to Buy’ menu on the ATS home page,, and directly at

For more information about Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., visit, call (1) 781-769-2800 or email: [email protected].