Delta Impact Accelerates Growth in the PCB Market

Delta Impact is making significant strides in expanding its presence within the PCB market. With a dedicated team focused on advancing the PCB business, Delta Impact is poised to reinforce its position as one of the Top 3 UK-owned PCB suppliers.

The decision to establish a dedicated division within Delta Impact emphasises a strategic vision for sustained growth and market leadership. By concentrating resources and expertise, the company aims not only to solidify its current standing but also to explore new avenues for development and expansion within the dynamic PCB sector.

“We believe that this strategic decision will enable us to better serve our customers, and strengthen our competitive position, in the PCB sector. This move aligns with our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and maintaining a competitive edge. We are not just aiming to be one of the Top 3 UK-owned PCB suppliers; we aspire to be a globally recognised leading PCB supplier” said Eamon Francis, Managing Director at Delta Impact.

In addition to this strategic initiative, Delta Impact has recently launched a new website. The platform provides comprehensive information about the company’s services and the latest PCB technologies, offering a valuable resource for customers.

As Delta Impact positions itself for the future, the company invites customers and industry partners to explore the new website here: With a solid foundation and a clear vision, Delta Impact is set to continue its journey towards becoming the preferred choice for PCB solutions in the UK and beyond.