Connecter range grows with CAT6 IDC option

Cliff Electronics has added a CAT6 insulation displacement connector (IDC) to its feed through connectors. The option provides a panel mounted ethernet (RJ45) eight-wayconnector that users can hardwire internally using the IDC contacts. Applications include ethernet networks, audio and broadcast.

With the rear cover removed, connecting wires are pushed into the corresponding numbered and colour-coded slots and then terminated using an IDC tool. The cover is snapped back for safety and to provide a degree of cable strain relief. The IDC connection method guarantees each connection is made quickly, accurately and securely using a simple tool with no soldering or crimping required.

Cliff Electronics’ product development team stated: ‘Mounting the commonly used Cat 6 IDC connector on the same industry standard XLR connector frame as the rest of our very successful Feed Through mounting connectors means it can be assembled along with other Feed Through connectors in a panel with the same cut-out required for all of them’.