In-stock availability of 0603 RF components

Richardson RFPD has announced the availability of a new family of RF components from TTM Technologies’ radio frequency and specialty components business unit. The 0603 family is comprised of small form factor (1.5 by 0.7mm), high-performance couplers and baluns designed to meet density and performance challenges of next generation 5G transceiver and power amplifier applications.

Xinger 90deg 3dB hybrid couplers are available in 1800 to 2300MHz, 2200 to 2800MHz and 3100 to 5100MHz frequency ranges. They are designed to offer very low loss, tight amplitude balance and high isolation.

Xinger directional couplers feature low loss performance. These 2 to 5dB couplers suit applications where minimal part-to-part variation is required, as in asymmetrical Doherty combiner applications.

Xinger balun transformers provide impedance transformation and convert unbalanced impedance to balanced impedance and vice versa. They are available in 600 to 2300MHz, 1200 to 2700MHz and 2300 to 6000MHz frequency ranges.