Event packed with inspiring ideas

In this article, Electronics Sourcing introduces readers to a selection of the seminars taking place at this year’s Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show.

Cleanrooms for electronics and medical device manufacturing

Anthony Chien, president, American Cleanroom Systems

Wednesday 10:00am, Mission Towers, CMTC Room

Cleanrooms are a key tool in electronics and medical device manufacturing. They increase yield, improve product quality, prevent ESD damage and provide FDA mandated controlled environment. Learn how cleanrooms work and your cleanroom options for the electronics and medical device industry.

RF test fixture/shield-box combinations

Matthias Zapatka, test probe doctor, Ingun USA

Wednesday 11:00am, Mission Towers, Room C

A hands-on seminar about usage of RF shielded test fixtures. We’re presenting how to combine a shield box and a bed-of-nails test fixture for functional testing of printed-circuit board assemblies and small modules. Come and join the action as we explore how to successfully prepare for prototype and production-line test.

Supply chain issues

Kevin Parmenter, field applications engineer, Taiwan Semiconductor

Wednesday 3:00pm, Mission Towers, CMTC Room

Supply chain issues: counterfeit parts and how to avoid them and why using automotive grade parts are a good choice for commercial/ industrial designs, too.

How to reshore using total cost of ownership analysis

Michele Nash-hoff, president, ElectroFab Sales

Wednesday 4:00pm, Mission Towers, CMTC Room

Reshoring (returning manufacturing to America) has accelerated since the supply chain shortages
and disruptions since the COVID shutdowns. Find out how to select the right processes or products to reshore using the Total Cost of Ownership Analysis developed by the Reshoring Initiative. Michele will share case studies of companies that have reshored & the benefits they experienced.

Value of all-in-one platforms in industry 4.0

Miguel Meija, account manager, Omron

Thursday 10:00am, Mission Towers, DigiKey Room

Join us as we take the holistic approach to the industrial Internet of things (IIoT). Where education and comprehensive data paths are foundational to long term IIoT solutions. By pairing a fundamental understanding of digitalization topics with the Sysmac industrial automation platform, we discuss creating solutions that increase machine performance. Solutions that are rooted in Sysmac’s One Controller, One Network, and One Software methodology.

SMTA San Diego presents: the data revolution within electronics manufacturing: digitization + AI/ML

Ryan Gamble, CEO and founder, Intraratio Corporation

Thursday 11:00am, Mission Towers, Room C

Data collection and analytics are key to navigating today’s supply chain challenges and market demands. The increasing complexity of electronic products manufactured today, coupled with higher demands on quality and reliability, makes this now a requirement to be competitive.