Supply and charge via USB

Phoenix Contact’s Step Power supplies are tailored for modern building automation. They supply smart meter gateways, Raspberry Pis and other smart home components via the USB port. They can be used for fast charging mobile end devices and other 5V loads.

The unit has a USB-A or USB-C port for up to 15W. Using it as a USB charger provides more space in the distribution board, control cabinet or flat control panels due to the particularly narrow overall width of just 18mm (1HP). This eliminates the need for an electrical outlet (overall width 45mm 2.5 HP) and USB power supply unit.

The integrated cable groove with strain relief allows USB cable routing under the distribution board’s cover (if required) simplifying handling. With low no-load losses of <0.1W, Step Power supplies optimise energy efficiency. The supplies meet the stringent requirements of the efficiency standards of the Ecodesign Directive.