Quiksol Global Announces Opening of US Headquarters and Warehouse Distribution Center in Florida, USA

NA Hub to Streamline Supply Chain, Optimize Inventory Management and Create New Jobs.

Quiksol Global, a leading independent distributor of electronic components, today announced the opening of its US Headquarters and Warehouse Distribution Center in Largo, Florida, USA. This strategically located 10,000-square-foot facility marks a significant milestone for Quiksol, solidifying its presence in North America and further strengthening its global footprint.

“The opening of our North America HQ and Warehouse Distribution Center completes Quiksol Global’s worldwide expansion,” said Quiksol Global’s North America President, Brian Ellison. “This new facility allows us to provide our Americas customers with a domestic stock position, contributing to their need for supply chain continuity.”

Enhanced Service and Global Reach

The new US HQ and Warehouse Distribution Center will serve as a central hub for Quiksol’s operations in North and South America. With a readily available stock position, Quiksol can ensure faster delivery times and more efficient fulfillment for its customers across the Americas.

“Our NA Warehouse Distribution Center will allow Quiksol to source domestically in support of our customers’ supply chain needs globally,” said Kate Goodner, Director of Business Operations at Quiksol Global. “This includes support for managing their excess inventory needs.”

Expanding Capabilities and Creating Jobs

The new warehouse will not only increase the company’s storage and global logistics capabilities; it will also create additional sourcing avenues throughout the Americas. Quiksol anticipates hiring 15-20 new positions at the facility within the next 12-18 months.

“Our goal is to align with our customers to provide them with assurance of supply to support their manufacturing demands, in any type of market conditions,” Brian Ellison added.

The Largo facility is designed for future growth, with ample space to accommodate expanding storage needs as customer and supplier demand dictates. While Quiksol is currently focused on optimizing its internal operations, the company plans to incorporate advanced technologies like Warehouse Management Systems and advanced component test equipment in the coming year.

About Quiksol Global

Established in Singapore in 2002, Quiksol Global has grown into a top ten independent distributor of electronic components, serving customers across the Americas, Asia, and EMEA. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including distribution, shortage support, material cost reduction solutions, and inventory management.

Quiksol’s team of experts manages a vast database, handling millions of data points from dozens of countries and thousands of trading partners globally each day. The company fosters strong business relationships with major OEMs, component manufacturers, and agents in North America, Europe and Asia.