High-voltage power distributors based on PCBs

With its high voltage power distribution units (HV PDUs), Würth Elektronik ICS offers solutions for power distribution up to 1,000V that are compact, robust and configurable.

Würth Elektronik ICS’ product manager for HV solutions, Ludovic Frelin, said: “We have enormous expertise when it comes to connecting components to the PCB and we have our own portfolio of connectors and Powerelements using press-fit technology. This allows us to connect a wide variety of HV components to the circuit board and so map a large number of safety-relevant and diagnostic functions.”

The HV PDUs ensure stable and secure connections in the voltage range 60 to 1,000VDC for an optimal distribution of power between battery, on-board charger, inverter and other consumers such as heaters or DC/DC converters. They are fitted in sealed, corrosion-proof housings and allow important components and functions to be integrated such as fuses and protective devices.