Reducing RTK time-to-market

Together with Rutronik’s Wireless Competence Center, Rutronik System Solutions has developed Adapter Board RAB4, engineered to facilitate performance testing of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) without designing any hardware. By accelerating the pre-development phase and reducing costs, the RAB4 helps bring applications to market faster. RTK increases the precision of satellite system positions using a base station that sends correction data to a moving receiver.

The RAB4 features components from Rutronik including Unicore Communications’ UM980 RTK positioning module.

Unicore’s VP marketing, Zhang Bing, said: “We are among the top suppliers in the high-precision positioning modules industry and have established a robust partnership with Rutronik. We are thrilled to see the release of RAB4. We believe that integrating our high-performance UM980 module into the Adapter Board will significantly enhance awareness of RTK technology and demonstrate the capabilities of our module to developers.”