Reliable pressure detection in harsh environments

Mouser is now stocking Melexis’ MLX90830 Triphibian MEMS pressure sensor. With a cantilever design, the sensor is designed to measure gas and liquid pressure in diverse environments with high precision and reliability. The sensor can be integrated as a standalone device or embedded in expansion valves, e-compressors or pumps in electric vehicle thermal management systems. It is also a suitable choice for HVAC-R applications.

The sensor is the first product to feature patented Triphibian technology. The pressure sensor is engineered to offer consistent performance and durability in all the conditions an electric vehicle is likely to experience. It operates in temperatures ranging from -40 to 150°C, measuring gas and liquid pressures from 2 to 70bar while also surviving frozen states. The ability to measure gaseous and liquid states and survive solid (frozen) states means that the sensor can operate under all possible conditions. The factory-calibrated sensor IC delivers accurate measurements out of the box.