Voyage to reliability


CamdenBoss explains how in the vast and unpredictable ocean of maritime needs, the 73 Series enclosures emerge as stalwart protectors of electrical components.

Crafted from robust UV-resistant ASA material, 73 Series enclosures are seasoned sailors of the electronic protection seas, braving the sun’s rays and standing steadfast against the relentless tide with IP68 waterproof rating.

Designed for life at sea, the enclosures ensure vital electronics within ports, marinas, oil rigs, and aboard ships are shielded from salt-laden breezes and tempestuous waves.

The silicone waterproof gasket is impenetrable, ensuring no water breaches its defenses, while the self-tapping captive screws keep everything battened down tightly.

The versatility of the 73 Series is its optional mounting accessories for installation in locations from port docks to isolated corners of an offshore rig. Dual function as a junction box provides flexibility, ensuring the 73 Series can adapt to different situations.

Offering a wide operational temperature range from -30 to 60°C, 73 Series enclosures navigate through the chilling cold and sweltering heat. The off-white color not only adds an aesthetic touch but also reflects the sun’s heat, minimizing the impact of temperature on the device’s operation.

These enclosures ensure the electronics that drive maritime ventures remain safe and sound, letting sailors, mariners and oil riggers navigate treacherous waterswith electrical confidence.