Save yourself the heartache

Providing the right information to your CEM supplier, in the right format, can save a lot of heartache. Naturally, software helps manipulate and keep track of that essential data As any contract electronics manufacturer (CEM) will verify, it is essential to be able to take customers PCB data and manipulate it quickly and effectively for … Read more

Custom heatsinks delivered in days

Selwyn Electronics has introduced a custom heatsink design and manufacture service to compliment its range of connectors, cable assemblies and fans. Turnaround time is said to be a matter of days, with expertise from the company’s thermal engineering team and access to advanced thermal modelling software. Alongside extruded and machined heatsinks, Selwyn manufactures forged heatsinks, … Read more

Faster access to wireless

A global distribution agreement with Laird Technologies will see Digi-Key distribute Laird’s performance-critical products for wireless and advanced electronics applications. This will include the supply of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal management products, mechanical actuation systems, signal integrity components and wireless antenna solutions, as well as radio frequency (RF) modules and systems. Custom products are … Read more

Resistors take the heat

CHS-HT series resistors from Rhopoint Components are designed to operate at temperatures up to 300degreeC, making them suitable for down-hole data logging applications in the oil and gas industry. The devices are also non magnetic which makes them suitable for some medical applications. Resistors are available in the following standard sizes: 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, … Read more

EMI shielding service takes shape

Kemtron offers a range of conductive elastomers for EMI shielding. Silicone is used for normal environments and fluorosilicone for fuel and oil resistance. Both provide a temperature range of -40 to 160oC (up to 200oC for some grades). Conductive fillers include silver plated aluminium, silver plated copper, nickel and nickel coated graphite. Materials such as … Read more

Sensor alternative delivers cost effectiveness

As an alternative to electronic sensors, the Matsuo MQT thermostat offers UPS system installers a simpler and more cost-effective solution. Matsuos MQT thermostat has a twin-bimetal system that creates a control which is capable of switching over one million cycles. Accuracies of 1.5K and differentials down to 3K1K are readily available, with repeatability as small … Read more

To fuse or not to fuse?

Overcurrent protection poses a question whether to choose a regular or resettable fuse. Tyco Electronics Raychem Circuit Protection Products’ Catherine Thieriot helps buyers get to grips with their options Protecting an electronic circuit from damage due to excessive current or heat is the primary function of circuit protection technologies. In the past, this protection took … Read more

Thermal processing has a sunny future

In the electronics assembly sector, BTU’s products have always been designed to reduce cost of ownership – now the company is applying this logic to the alternative energy market. As managing director, Peter Franklin explains, BTU’s advanced thermal processing solutions are set to address environmental concerns the world over What is the scale of the … Read more

Profiling growth prompts expansion

With manufacturers focused on reducing production costs and improving quality and traceability, KIC has been expanding its range of thermal process tools to accommodate demand. Growth has been such that the company moved into a larger facility in January this year. KICs new worldwide headquarters will house the majority of the companys production and R&D, … Read more

Profiling for solar cell manufacturing

Thermal process development and control specialist, KIC, has announced the release of a thermal profiler that is specifically designed for the needs and challenges of the PV industry. The SunKIC benefits from several hardware and software innovations that help solar cell manufacturers better manage their thermal processes. The compact form factor (19mm/0.75′ tall thermal shield) … Read more

Thermistors drive LED design

Epcos has developed a new series of 0603 PTC thermistors specifically for LED driver circuits. Compared to conventional PTC limit temperature sensors, benefits are said to include a rated resistance with a narrow tolerance of 15 per cent and an R/T characteristic which can be specified exactly. This facilitates LED driver circuit design and improves … Read more

Directional cooling boasts compact design

Suitable for a variety of space-constrained applications, Orion Fans’ new low-profile DC blowers, the ODB600PT and ODB9733, are available in 12, 24, and 48V models, measuring 120 by 120 by 32mm and 97 by 94 by 33mm respectively. Product marketing manager for Orion Fans, David Luna, said: The blowers provide directional cooling similar to spot … Read more