Ready for Space 2.0 evolution

Avnet Silica’s market segment manager aerospace and defence, Paul Leys, explains how the dawn of Space 2.0 has escalated demand for adaptive compute acceleration platforms Marking a new era led by commercial interest more than governmental initiatives, Space 2.0 is catalysing rapid progression in sectors like reusable rockets, satellite internet connectivity, earth observation platforms and … Read more

Time to focus on PCB and EMS

IPC’s president of European operations, Sanjay Huprikar, argues that revitalising and growing the PCB and EMS segments is essential to building a robust manufacturing ecosystem A major finding from a new IPC report states key segments of the European electronics manufacturing industry face significant challenges and require more support, considering their vital role in Europe’s … Read more

Minimum size with no compromise

BEC Distribution has announced availability of LinkCom telecom magnetics products, designed to provide maximum performance within a compact size, without compromising quality, reliability or affordability. LinkCom magnetics are engineered to meet international safety and emissions standards. All are RoHS compliant. LinkCom’s products add to the BEC Select range of alternative passives, designed to offer affordable, … Read more

A boost to PFC choke choice

Würth Elektronik has expanded its WE-TORPFC inductor series with 17 new parts. These toroidal inductors suit continuous-conduction mode (CCM) boost converters and are capable of producing up to several kW of power. Unlike traditional bobbin-wound power factor correction (PFC) inductors, this new series uses flat wire windings, resulting in lower winding losses and better cooling. … Read more

Rising demand drives current trends in EV components

As the EV market emerges from major supply chain disruptions, demand is strong for power components and microcontrollers/microprocessors. However, some shortages loom Analysts are optimistic that 2023 will wrap as a growth year for the EV industry. Demand for two major component families, power and MCUs/MPUs, is on the rise. Power electronic components play a … Read more

Search and you will find

Enclosure Solutions introduces a new parametric search tool designed to help buyers narrow down over 5,700 enclosures to the optimum product for their application Users start their enclosure search by deciding whether to search by size or category. Search by size lets users input length, width and height, plus size tolerance for each dimension if … Read more

Rochester Electronics to Offer Semtech’s Active and End-of-Life Mixed Signal Solutions

Supporting Long-life Applications and Extending Product Lifecycles Rochester Electronics, LLC and Semtech Corporation have collaborated to provide customers with a broad range of mixed-signal solutions and continued channel support for active and end-of-life (EOL) components, catering to long-lifecycle products and applications that align with Semtech’s dedication to meeting the needs of global customers. Semtech has … Read more

How kitting eases production challenges

Farnell Global’s president global sales, Uma Pingali, explains how deploying a kitting service can help original equipment manufacturers reduce operational expenditure During periods of short supply and long lead times, inventory can keep an OEM in operation for weeks or months. However, the cost of maintaining inventory can be an unwanted operational expenditure (op-ex). Supply … Read more

Optimising inventory and lead-times

To help original equipment manufacturers get their products to market reliably, NOTE suggests the keys to success include collaboration, long-term partnerships and flexibility Collaboration: When thinking flexibility, we often only think of finished goods. However, there are many ways a partner can offer flexibility, from engineering support to collaboration on inbound logistics. Planning and optimised … Read more

JVs, alliances and financial deals fueling SiC war

Silicon carbide suppliers are leveraging partnerships with customers and regional bodies to gain leverage in a roaring war for market share and dominance of the hot sector The silicon carbide (SiC) market is not for the faint of heart. The first skirmishes for control of the market began decades ago, long before anyone could imagine … Read more

Leveraging IPC-A-610 for informed procurement decisions

Corintech’s operations manager, Jack Dayeh, offers an overview of IPC-A-610, its importance in the electronics industry and how it supports procurement processes Electronics purchasing professionals well-versed in IPC-A-610 can make informed decisions when selecting suppliers for electronic assemblies. By understanding IPC-A-610’s acceptance criteria, buyers can assess potential suppliers and verify their products meet the necessary … Read more