TVS modules deliver aerospace circuit protection

ProTek Devices has added circuit protection devices to its family of high-powered surface mount transient voltage suppression components that provide circuit protection in aerospace applications. These include relay drives; motor start-stop electromagnetic field protection; module lightning protection; and secondary lightning protection in AC/DC applications. The parts comply with RTCA DO-160G. Specifically, they meet section 22 … Read more

Independent Distribution Providing Lower Lead Times and Costs – Reducing Supply Chain Complexity

With a heightened demand for electronics rapidly increasing among all industry sectors, the global supply chain has struggled to meet manufacturers’ requirements, causing lines down and slowed time-to-market. Interestingly, over the past two years, the topic of the supply chain has become so prevalent that people with little understanding of what a supply chain is … Read more

How to spot counterfeit electronic components

Counterfeits electronic components are Electronic components that are misleading as to the origin or quality relating to the parts. It is possible to counterfeit a certain electronic component and potentially infringe one’s trademark license rights.  Counterfeit parts often have inferior specifications and quality. They may be a hazard in a critical system such as an … Read more

Compact, lightweight DC/DC converter meets railway standards

Relec Electronics’ Premium’s CBS-10K DC/DC converter series is designed to provide peak power hybrid diesel-electric trains when catenary power is not available. The converters feature galvanic isolation between input and output, operating at fixed switching frequency. The single output converter has multiple I/O combinations to meet industrial and rail applications which require high power conversion … Read more

Clad wire meets aerospace requirements

Anomet has introduced custom clad metal wire that can combine up to three materials to achieve the specific properties required in aerospace solar arrays and satellites. The wire combines up to three materials to achieve properties such as oxidation and corrosion-resistance, plus operation at cryogenic to 1200°C temperatures. Featuring two per cent or more cladding … Read more

Exploring frequency lead times and pricing

In this article, Golledge unwraps recent supply chain shocks, then explains how the sector is steadily recovering with reducing lead times and costs. Q: What major changes has the crystal industry experienced over recent years? A: The frequency marketplace has been through a storm of issues since 2020 that have affected availability, price and lead … Read more

Reap the benefits of capacitance

Schurter’s invisible, hygienic capacitive hidden switch (CHS) is now available via Rutronik. The switch can be hidden as it functions without mounting holes. Invisible installation suits hygiene applications such as medical and food products. The CHS attaches behind the surface using transfer adhesive tape. This eliminates drill holes and plug-in slots which aids cleaning. Likewise, … Read more

Relay for next gen renewable

Omron DMS Europe’s new G9KB PCB power relay provides bi-directional high power DC switching for next generation renewable battery energy storage systems for homes and DC wall boxes for electric vehicles. It can replace two standard unidirectional relays. Omron’s strategic marketing manager, Steve Drumm, said: “This new relay is part of our response to the … Read more

Safety in potentially explosive environments

In this article, Schurter discusses the application of switches and displays in potentially explosive environments. When working in potentially explosive environments, products and equipment must comply with ATEX directives in the EU. ATEX certification means a product may be used in potentially explosive atmospheres and won’t trigger the ignition of hazardous air-gas mixtures. ATEX is … Read more

Staggered layout offers 30 per cent space savings

Molex has announced quad-row board-to-board connectors, featuring the industry’s first staggered-circuit layout for 30 per cent space savings over conventional connector designs. These patent-pending connectors offer customers greater freedom and flexibility to support compact form factors including smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, game consoles and VR devices. Molex’ vice president and general manager Micro Solutions Business Unit, … Read more

Engineered for reliability and automation

Harwin has enhanced its Datamate family of 2mm-pitch high-reliability connectors with pin-in-hole reflow (PIHR) products engineered for reliability and automated assembly. These Datamate L-Tek series connectors feature a locking latch. Compared to standard Datamate connectors, they have 2mm long terminations instead of 3mm. Datamate PIHR connectors suit the connection of encoders and sensors to machine … Read more