Sourcing interconnects for harsh environments

TTI’s connectors/emech business development manager, Steve Brahosky, explains how bespoke design helps interconnects survive harsh conditions. From the factory floor to oil/ gas exploration, undersea and even space, more applications require rugged connectors when reliable performance is needed in harsh environments. With new and innovative connector solutions coming to market to address these demanding environments it is important … Read more

Specifying large handheld enclosures

Advances in machine control, robotics and automation are fuelling demand for larger handheld devices. OKW explains how to specify the right housings. Ergonomics are crucial regarding handheld electronics—and even more so when the device is larger than the human hand. The housing must be large enough to accommodate the electronics but comfortable to use for long … Read more

Compact, robust and reliable

Kyocera AVX has expanded its line of single-piece card-edge connectors with the 9159-600 Series dual-row, inverted through-board card-edge connectors. The series is designed to satisfy demand for a single-piece inverted through-board solution for dual-sided PCBs. The connectors feature staggered contacts enabling double the number of positions (4–12 vs 2–6) in a similarly sized form factor, … Read more

New LEMO Product Family Portfolio Simplifies Selection Process

LEMO, a leading manufacturer of high-performance interconnect solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its enhanced product family portfolio aimed at simplifying the selection process for customers. With a commitment to offering over 90,000 custom solutions tailored to meet specific requirements, LEMO continuously expands its product offerings to meet evolving market demands. Designed to … Read more

High power density and active balancing

Kyocera AVX’ SCM series Supercapacitor modules offer robust solutions for industrial applications requiring peak performance. The series suits high-current or industrial applications, including renewable energy generation, grid-connected storage or buffering of power peaks. Thanks to active balancing, the capacitor modules have a stable voltage level in the individual cells. They operate individually or in combination with batteries or … Read more

Practical approach to rugged TFT displays

In this case study, Relec explains how new display solutions blend durability with modern technology to improve patient interactions at first point of contact. Significant change is taking place in the dynamic environment of medical receptions. Traditional reception desks are evolving, thanks to technological advancements. Relec Electronics has introduced a range of rugged TFT displays with PCAP … Read more

GenAI workplace trends

In this article, John Denslinger acknowledges that GenAI is still at trial phase, but the trend is clear—every organization, every employee can elevate performance. ‘Knowledge is power’—Sir Francis Bacon, Philosopher and Statesman (1597). Quite certain, Sir Francis never foresaw the degree of human achievement made possible with GenAI. With a few keystroke prompts, GenAI has … Read more

Event packed with inspiring ideas

In this article, Electronics Sourcing introduces readers to a selection of the seminars taking place at this year’s Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show. Cleanrooms for electronics and medical device manufacturing Anthony Chien, president, American Cleanroom Systems Wednesday 10:00am, Mission Towers, CMTC Room Cleanrooms are a key tool in electronics and medical device manufacturing. They … Read more

High EMI immunity and voltage isolation

Firecomms has announced its RedLink plastic optical fiber transceivers featuring high EMI immunity and robust RF signal isolation for industrial power electronics applications. The transmitters feature a resonant cavity light emitting diode with an integrated driver IC to send 650nm red wavelength light over plug-terminated plastic optical fiber to a RedLink receiver with integrated pulse … Read more

Record 2023 growth for European EMS market

In this article, IPC Electronics Europe presents purchasing professionals with the key takeaways from in4ma’s Annual Survey of the European EMS Industry 2024. As revealed by an annual survey conducted by in4ma and sponsored by IPC Electronics Europe, the European electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry experienced a robust 11 percent growth last year. Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) … Read more

Accreditations mark safe way forward

Vital Electronics’ QC lead, Joe Kryza, introduces procurement professionals to best practices for navigating the complexities and risks of counterfeit electronic components. In the fast-paced, evolving world of electronics manufacturing, the integrity of electronic components stands as a foundation of product reliability and safety. However, the threat of counterfeit components looms large, posing significant challenges to manufacturers … Read more

Semiconductor supply chain, proceeding with caution

A2 Global Electronics’ CEO, Frank Cavallaro, explains to purchasing professionals how constraints and complications within the semiconductor supply chain will ripple throughout 2024. Infrastructure costs, geopolitical events, natural disasters, natural resource shortages and skills shortages are all contributing to an unsteady supply chain and likely sourcing challenges for select node sizes in coming months. Widespread … Read more