Never Go Short – Shortage Mitigation Solutions

Shortage Mitigation  This year has been such a roller coaster for us all and has left us in a continuous loop. Countless unexpected events happened just within a year, and all of them had made huge impacts on most industries. In the world of electronics, it became a great struggle and resulted in massive supply … Read more

Euroquartz launches new UK manufactured range of high frequency ultra-low jitter voltage-controlled crystal oscillators

Frequency control specialist, Euroquartz has launched a new range of UK manufactured surface mount voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) offering high frequency outputs with ultra-low phase jitter performance. The new EG_JF series offers frequencies from 15 to 2100MHz for CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS and CML differential outputs and 15 to 700MHz for HCSL differential outputs. A major … Read more

Making Sense About Sensors: Essential Questions to Ask Before Selecting Sensors for Your Design

You’ll need sensors to complete your new appliance, building automation product, or automated manufacturing system. You may need customization for a specific sensor assembly. While price and delivery are critical decision factors, other considerations determine a successful sensor selection. Here are some essential facts about your sensor choices and four crucial questions whose answers should … Read more

How to prepare for market disruptions

Farnell’s regional sales director Northern Europe, Mathew Thorpe, explains how forensic planning and preparation lay the groundwork for reliable supply in volatile markets.   While the electronics industry was worried about Brexit, the effects on supply chains was minimal. The Coronavirus pandemic was a different story. The sector was hit by: a worldwide semiconductor shortage; increased … Read more

Keep a close eye on quality

In this article, Vision Engineering’s Sarah Eagles introduces the benefits of microscope-based inspection, from component goods-in to dispatch of finished PCB assemblies. Visual inspection is an essential tool in the inspector’s toolbox, with visual comparisons against a ‘golden board’ extremely useful. The simplest form of MVI is the naked eye. However, this is only likely … Read more

Designing cost out with supplier support

Fineline VAR’s technical manager, Grant Main, explains how early collaboration between PCB supplier and customer lays the foundation for commercial advantage. Every application is different and the design determines the execution. A product’s design and technology are usually determined by an OEM before they start talking to their PCB supplier. It is advisable to talk … Read more

Navigating stormy waters

As component purchasing departments continue to face sourcing headwinds, independent distributors offer a solution to accessing previously untapped supply lines. With long lead times, obsolescence and limited component availability all impacting the supply chain, purchasing professionals have been challenged over the last 12-months. 2021 witnessed surging technology deployments including 5G, electric vehicles, medical and consumer … Read more

Understanding today’s PCB supply chain

PCB materials, costs and supply chain—a perspective by Cambridge Circuit Company’s managing director, Mark Sanford. With energy prices, interest rates and inflation all rising, everyone is facing a challenging economic climate and the PCB sector is not immune. Successive price increases for copper, glass yarn, resins and aluminium mean the PCB industry became savvier regarding forecasting … Read more

Delivering solutions for oil and gas

TTI’s general manager of its Houston, Texas branch, Jim McNiel examines the state of the market for harsh environment components in oil and gas exploration. Oil and gas is heading into a multi-year ‘up cycle’ after the longest period of underinvestment in the industry’s history. Instead of putting money back into equipment, stakeholders wanted quicker … Read more

Rigid-Flex PCBs drive cost savings

DK-Daleba’s business development manager, Tony Hawkins, explains how the many benefits of rigid-flex and flex PCBs are driving global growth. Engineers are turning to flex and flex-rigid to help solve design issues that would be presented with standard rigid PCBs. Benefits include weight reduction, higher signal speeds and increased reliability in high vibration or harsh … Read more

Not all enclosures are created equal

Rittal’s product manager for industrial and IT enclosures, Emma Ryde, guides buyers through the process of choosing outdoor enclosures. When an enclosure spends its lifetime outdoors, it will likely face years of hot summers and harsh winters. The most vulnerable enclosure element is usually the door seals. Protecting the door seals means preventing water entering the … Read more