Eliminate heatsinks

The new HiperLCS-2 chipset brings Power Integrations’ 600V FREDFETs and magneto-inductive FluxLink technology to the LLC topology. The company states the result is 98 per cent efficiency and a 40 per cent component-count reduction in LLC resonant power converters up to 250W, eliminating bulky heatsinks or unreliable optocouplers. One half of the dual-chip solution is … Read more

Seeking Supply: Aerospace Competes for Resources as Demand Increases

Securing electronic components became increasingly challenging in 2020 due to global lockdowns in response to the pandemic. While other industries felt the immediate impact across their supply chains, aerospace did not. The delayed impact to the aerospace industry could be credited to the buffer stock supply management method companies employed. All three segments of the … Read more

Sixteenth brick delivers 100W

Flex Power Modules has grown its PKU-D series of low-profile sixteenth-brick DC-DC converters with the PKU3913D, a 100W rated part with extended input range down to 30V and regulated output of 12V/8.3A. Intended application is nominal inputs of 48V or 54V with possible long cable lengths and consequent voltage drops such as microwave radio links. … Read more

What’s behind the rising cost of power supplies?

Sager Electronics explains how long-term planning, good communication and partnerships with authorized distributors help when sourcing power supplies. AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies are complex and typically have hundreds of components on a BoM. Given their intricacies, sourcing power supplies has always had a degree of complexity but the current environment has made it more … Read more

Winning the fight against obsolescence

Flip Electronics’ president, Bill Bradford, reveals how the company helped overcome an obsolescence problem, saving a subcontractor over $3.2M and 14-months in redesigns. Obsolescence plagues the semiconductor industry. It costs billions of dollars as manufacturers routinely transition to new technologies and end the life of mature product families and devices. Solving obsolescence is a growing … Read more

Minimal footprint 50W supply

Traco Power has announced its new TPI 50-AJ series of 50W high-density AC/DC power supplies available in 3.00 by 1.50 by 1.20in open frame packages for a range of industrial and ITE applications where reliability is critical and space is limited. Specifications include: peak power up to 70W (5s); I/O reinforced isolation 3,000VAC; -40 to … Read more

Modular system for automated industrial identification

With the new Thermomark E Series product family, Phoenix Contact is providing a new solution for simple and efficient industrial identification. For the first time, the system automatically combines the printing and application of markings in one process step, thus achieving time savings of 60 percent compared with carrying out the work steps manually. The modular system … Read more

Business remains robust for high-service distributors

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However, slower overall economic growth, inflation and continuing shortages for some components could weaken sales growth later in the year. High-service distributors that focus on engineering say sales were strong in the first quarter of the year but are concerned that slower economic growth, continuing inflation, downward movement of the stock market and the war … Read more

Halve the BoM

The HiperPFS-5 family of power-factor-correction ICs incorporates a 750V PowiGaN gallium-nitride switch. With efficiency up to 98.3 per cent, the new ICs deliver up to 240W with no heatsinks and can achieve a power factor of better than 0.98. These quasi-resonant PFC ICs help engineers create fast, small and versatile high-power USB PD chargers. They … Read more

The Electric Vehicle Revolution

The future is electric. Our vehicles will soon be less reliant on fossil fuels in response to the world’s need to lessen its carbon footprint. Global warming is knocking on our very doors, and this is one response to it. Many countries pledged to help alleviate the carbon load across several industries during COP26, a … Read more

Summer Sale on Select McDry Dry Cabinets

Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, today announced its summer sale on select McDry models. The company has brought in many popular models to meet demand and is offering a discount for a limited time. McDry cabinets are the first desiccant based drying systems especially built for electronics … Read more

Answer for IoT gas detection

Renesas has expanded its environmental sensor portfolio with its first family of thermopile-based detectors with integrated optical filters for optical (NDIR) CO₂ sensors. The four new single and dual-channel analog detectors are designed for use in industrial, medical and IoT applications that require reliability, accuracy and operation in high temperatures. Renesas’ senior director Sensing Solutions, … Read more