Combined filter saves space

TDK-EPC presents a new common-mode filter that combines common-mode noise suppression and GSM band differential noise suppression in a single component. The TDK TCD0806B-350-2P is designed for high-speed differential transmission on MIPI lines in smartphones, conventional mobile phones and other mobile devices. Measuring 0.85 by 0.65 by 0.40mm³, the product features proprietary thin-film technologies to … Read more

Support package fast-tracks VxWorks

Steatite Embedded is to launch a new board support package (BSP) for motherboards featuring the VIA Nano X2 CPU and VIA VX900 chipset, enabling support for Wind River’s Vxworks real-time operating system (RTOS). The VIA EPIA-M900 Mini-ITX board is thought to be the first VIA motherboard to offer the BSP for VxWorks. This robust RTOS … Read more

IP-addressable PDU cuts energy costs

Solid State Supplies has introduced an IP-addressable power distribution unit (PDU) that enables remote control and monitoring of various equipment including fan trays. It enables start-up sequencing and monitoring of the true-RMS current drawn from each outlet, with user-defined thresholds linked to alerts that are automatically communicated via email or as SMS messages. In addition … Read more

Two strikes, not out

DIN-rail power supply manufacturer, Puls, has carried out extreme testing of its QT40 three-phase units by subjecting them to simulated lightning strikes. This is one of several procedures devised by Puls to prove the durability and functionality of its power supplies in harsh conditions. The test was carried out using a Marx generator producing a … Read more

Emitter in line with lighting demand

Plus Opto has introduced a new mid-power LED emitter aimed at linear lighting applications. Designated LG5630, the 5.6 by 3.0mm outline has a low, 0.9mm profile and is rated at 150mA maximum drive current. Luminous intensity is 40 lumens at120mA corresponding to a typical efficiency of 100lm/W. The device has a 120deg angle of emission … Read more

When space matters

Panasonic Electric Works‘ Y3 series FPC connectors are contributing to the miniaturisation of various devices thanks to their pitch of 0.3mm and maximum height of 0.9mm. The YF31 and YF32 series offer types with between 15 and 51 contacts. With its side-mounting tabs, YF31 lends itself to connecting flexible printed circuits (FPC), ensuring that the … Read more

Making mobile payment possible

NXP Semiconductors has introduced the first in a new generation of proximity contactless reader ICs. The CLRC663 combines robust multi-protocol support with high RF output power and low-power card detection technology, making it ideal for a variety of infrastructure uses such as banking, eGovernment, transport and mobile payment. Supporting all 13.56MHz contactless standards, NXP’s new … Read more

Stay cool sourcing PTC thermistors

Murata offers its PRF15 series miniature positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors for overheating detection in a range of consumer electronics devices. Applications include notebook and tablet computers, cellular phones and LED lighting modules. Protection circuits in lithium-ion battery packs and motor coils are also possible applications. Featuring a temperature tolerance of ± three degrees Centigrade, … Read more

COTS device supports high performance chipsets

Microsemi’s latest DDR3 SDRAM memory device is packaged in a single plastic ball grid array (PBGA) and offered as an unregistered dual in-line memory module (UDIMM ) or small outline dual in-line memory module (SODIMM). The solution provides up to 4GByte memory densities that support high-performance processors and chipsets in mission-critical applications such as avionics, … Read more

On-chip calibration enhances performance

Microchip announces its first instrumentation amplifier, the MCP6N11, targeted at instrumentation, signal and sensor conditioning in consumer, industrial and medical applications. The device utilises Microchip’s mCal on-chip calibration technology for low initial offset voltage and as a means of controlling offset drift, resulting in higher accuracy across time and temperature. Many applications in these markets … Read more

Give sourcing a boost

Linear Technology introduces the LTC3115-1, a synchronous buck-boost converter that delivers up to 2A of continuous output current from a range of power sources including single-cell Li-Ion, 24/28V industrial rails and 40V automotive inputs. This 2.7V to 40V input and output range provides a regulated output with inputs above, below or equal to the regulated … Read more

One million cycles and counting

  Switch manufacturer, Knitter-Switch, announces a new tactile switch ideal for industrial automation systems or as an input device where a waterproof PCB switch is required. The TSE/TSSE 21/24 series tact switches are IP67 rated and feature a mechanical lifetime of at least one million cycles thanks to the use of a stainless steel dome. … Read more