Solving recruitment challenges in PCB sector

With the PCB sector facing recruitment challenges, Fineline explains how training, opportunity and more helps retain employees, benefiting customers and the business Whilst recruitment has been a decade-long concern for PCB companies, the pandemic and generational expectations have intensified the challenge. Lockdowns and ‘work from home’ caused people to question whether their job and employer remained the … Read more

Deploying tough anti-counterfeit measures

In this article, Mouser Electronics steps readers through the company’s accreditations which demonstrate the organization’s dedication to anti-counterfeiting As demand increases and fake parts are harder to detect, the threat of counterfeit components entering the supply chain is a growing concern. Combined with current product shortages, it’s more important than ever to buy from an … Read more

Open Sourcing Hardware Testing from Nano Electronic Services

Nano Electronic Services is pleased to offer Open Source Hardware Testing from DevTank, allowing customers a more flexible approach to electronics testing The HILTOP platform is a compact open source test framework designed from the ground up to deliver maximum value for test and measurement applications with a host of features included as standard. The … Read more

Authenticity and Reliability; Powered by Rochester Electronics

Critical End-of-Life Component Management When the original component manufacturer chooses to discontinue a product, they typically offer a last-time-buy. Customers often do not have the capital to either fund these purchases or buy the necessary amounts. Likewise, many customers lack the storage facilities to support future requirements. Most industries will face component obsolescence at some … Read more

Keeping an eye on IoT

In this article, Trading Platforms explores the scale of the Internet of Things and looks at growth potential across a variety of end markets and regions  In recent years, IoT has become a key technology, providing seamless communication between people, processes and things. Surging demand for wireless networking technologies continues to drive the market’s growth. … Read more

Principles of manufacturing an electrical connector

PEI-Genesis introduces readers to a connector’s individual components and the company’s quick turnaround, value-added connector assembly capabilities The chosen method of producing an electrical connector depends on the series and testing requirements. Inspections occur throughout each assembly stage to verify components are free of defects and ensure the connector meets its own specification requirements. To break down … Read more

Human-centric lighting portfolio grows

Luminus Devices has expanded its human-centric lighting portfolio with Salud COBs. These devices have high R9 values, high melanopic/photopic ratios and 90 CRI minimum in warm CCTs that enable users to meet WELL Building requirements. Luminus’ COB product line director, illumination, David Davito, said: “As our industry learns more about the importance of healthy lighting, … Read more

Clad medical wire suits implantable devices

Anomet Products has introduced custom manufactured clad composite wire that can combine several properties into a single wire for medical device applications. Medical clad wire can combine up to three materials to meet specific design requirements, performance and cost criteria, especially where solid wire is limited. Combining one or more precious metals and a core … Read more

Talking openly about menopause

Nano Electronic Services’ Steve Drew is proud of the organisations’ support for colleagues experiencing the symptoms of menopause. Employees are the heartbeat of any company, with the industry already facing a skills crisis with not enough people entering the sector. However, what about people leaving it—skilled and knowledgeable people. Did you know one in four … Read more

Protection against condensation

New pressure compensation cable glands from OKW protect electronics from condensation in sealed enclosures. The glands use a ventilated membrane to stop temperature and pressure changes from causing condensation in hermetically sealed enclosures. Water entry pressure for the membrane is >0.2bar; RQ = 57l/h (theoretical air flow rate at 0.07 bar). The glands are available … Read more

Interconnects enable high-resolution video

Pasternack has broadened its line of high reliability 12G SDI interconnects engineered to maximize 4K and ultra-HD video signal transmission. The cables and connectors are designed for high durability and reliability, featuring 10µin minimum contact plating and BNC and 1.0/2.3 connector options and providing four times the bandwidth of HD. These 12G SDI interconnects offer … Read more

What is a Safe Shelf Life for Semiconductor Components?

Quality of Stored Semiconductor Components Examined by Rochester Electronics When long-term component storage is a requirement, it is important for customers to have confidence that properly stored components are reliable in the field. One key measure of quality and reliability is solderability. To determine the quality of aged semiconductor components in real-world applications, Rochester Electronics … Read more