Tight supply and less price erosion is expected for 32-bit MCUs

Growing demand from key customer segments and the transition from 16-bit and 8-bit MCUs to 32-bit microcontrollers will result in robust sales growth for 32-bit controllers. Semiconductor buyers can expect constrained supply of 32-bit microcontrollers at least through the first half of 2020 because of strong demand from automotive, medical and industrial equipment OEMs and … Read more

Small, specialized distributors deal with disruptions caused by the pandemic

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Long lead times, transportation delays, and finding new customers are some of the issues that small, specialized distributors face. Last year was a challenging time for most distributors, including small, specialized distributors which have smaller line cards and fewer customers and resources than larger broad line distributors. But such distributors have risen to the challenge … Read more

Constrained supply challenges buyers

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Buyers qualify new suppliers, share long-range forecasts and look to distributors for help in sourcing parts that are in short supply – by James Carbone. By most accounts, supply of semiconductors and other components will be constrained through the first half of 2021 and buyers at OEMs and electronics manufacturing services providers are employing strategies … Read more

The buyer’s market for high-brightness LEDs will continue in 2021

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While demand for high-brightness LEDs will grow this year, availability will remain high and prices will decline because of overcapacity. Oversupply, overall weaker demand from key customer segments and declining prices resulted in a 10 per cent decline in the high-brightness LED (HB-LED) market in 2020 as total LED revenue fell from $13.1 billion in … Read more

Distributors rise to the occasion in managing supply chain risk

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Distributors are bearing more of the responsibility of managing risk in the supply chain, as more semiconductors and other components are sold through the channel. Helping OEMs and electronics manufacturing services providers manage supply chain risk is not a new task for distributors, but that role seems to have become more important and is now … Read more

MPU market will grow as demand, prices increase

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Increased computer sales during the pandemic has resulted in greater demand for microprocessors. Semiconductor buyers can expect average prices for microprocessors to increase about 3.2 per cent over the next 12 months as demand rises because of higher sales of servers, notebooks and other PCs. The average price for microprocessors used in computers will rise … Read more

Buyers may face rising prices and longer lead times in 2021

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Buyers are concerned there could be more shutdowns of electronics production in 2021 as uncertainty created last year by the pandemic carries over into 2021. Possible shutdowns of component production because of coronavirus, rising prices for copper and other metals and potential shortages of multilayer ceramic capacitors, power MOSFETs and other components are some of … Read more

Supply chain regionalisation and allocations

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Editor’s note: Chris Hood is vice president of global purchasing for EMS provider Plexus. Electronics Sourcing North America (ESNA) recently interviewed him about the purchasing and supply chain Plexus and other electronics companies are expected to face in 2021. Q) Do you expect there to be enough production capacity for semiconductors and other components in … Read more

Distributors expect a rebound in business in Europe in 2021

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While European distribution sales will end 2020 declining, most distributors believe business will bounce back next year as demand increases from automotive and industrial segments. The European electronics distribution business will fall about two to four per cent in 2020 due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic, but distributors expect a return to sales … Read more